Monday, 8 October 2012

Sand & cement delivered - Plumbing inspected

Last Friday (05.10) saw the internal plumbing finished off. I noticed the plumbers knocked out the noggins and ran pipework where our shower niche was meant to be in the main bathroom. This will need to be rectified.

Saturday (06.10) saw delivery of the Sand for the brickies.

Today (08.10) saw delivery of the cement and ties also for the brickies as well as the internal plumbing inspection.

It also occurred to me that they are running out of time to do the Enviroseal wall wrap.
Which also didnt make sense as I always thought they would be doing the roof first then the wrap so the brickies can work on the exterior and at the same time, the internals would begin.
Spoke to the SS and he said he didnt notice it in our Tender but he has still arranged for the brickies to come on Wednesday to do the first course of bricks. Then the termite treatment system will be installed on Thursday, as-well as the the Enviroseal wall wrap.
I don't think the 4 week contract reduction will be honored because I cannot see how the internals can start at the same time as the brickies, especially if there is no roof to protect the internal work??? :(

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