Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Xmas in the Alfresco

We couldnt resist using our outdoor setting in the new Alfresco so we could at least have our first xmas in there. It was very enjoyable.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Bits and peices

The tiler was back again this morning and he did a little bit more grout work in the niche in the Ensuite as well as the rendering under the skirting in the Garage and he finished off the front entry tiles.

The kitchen guy also installed the cupboards for the main bathroom. The tile spashback in the main bathroom is too high so this will need to be brought down around 150mm.

Not sure what will happen now. Might be all we will see until after the xmas break.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Wall tiling

The wall tiles were started yesterday (Yes on a Sunday!) and they look great.
Unfortunately the tile suppliers stuffed up the order and supplied too many feature tiles for the ensuite and not enough of the border tiles.
Also, as the cornice wasnt installed in the Bathroom & Ensuite, the tiler cannot finish up to the ceiling untill these are installed.
This will set us back a little as the tiler will need to come back after xmas when the cornices have been installed and the rest of the tiles are delivered.
Im so happy with his quality of work and hes a top bloke too, especially working through the weekend like he did.
They dont build workers like that any more.

Pics from Sunday (Wall tiles on) - Main Bathroom:



Pics from Today (With grout) - Main Bathroom:



Saturday, 15 December 2012

Floor tiles started

Yesterday we had the tiler complete the floor tiles in the main bathroom, ensuite and laundry.
He was back today and installed all the wall tiles in the main bathroom except the feature strip.
His work is awesome and it was good to finally see a tradie here on a Saturday.

Main bathroom:



Thursday, 13 December 2012

Big day

Today was very productive. At one point we had the plumbers, tiler and kitchen installer here all hooking in at the same time.
The plumbers installed the down pipes and the tiler did the bases for the spa bath and the bases for the floor tiles and he also installed the floor waste drains.
The kitchen guy installed the kitchen cupboards, kick-boards and bulkheads as well as the cupboards for the ensuite.
Looks like he will be back tomorrow to install the cupboard for the main bathroom along with the tiler who should hopefully start tiling.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

No rest for the wicked

We just had a truck rock up and delivered our kitchen, bathroom and ensuite cupboards.
The best part is it was done at 10pm. Now thats dedication.

Plan of attack

No one on site today except our SS and he has confirmed where we should be at before the xmas shut-down.
The tiler was meant to be in today but isnt so he will be in a bit of strife so we assume he will be in tomorrow.
The kitchen/bathroom/ensuite cupboards and bulkheads are due to be delivered tomorrow and installed over the next few days.
Our SS said that the tiling should be done aswell as the kitchen/en-suite/bathroom/spa bath as-well as the bench-tops before they shutdown. Plus, the down pipes and over-flow should be all plumbed into the water tank and the remaining cornices should be done too.
After a couple of weeks, the painters should be in followed by the electrical and plumbing fit-out, then, the A/C should be installed with the controller and vents, Sentinal fit-out,  and then roof insulation and door handles.

After this the shower glass, mirrors and mirror splash-backs will be installed and external screens for windows and doors.
Our garage doors should be squeezed in amongst all this too.

Our SS predicts a mid February completion and after final payment and handover, the appliances will be installed. So at this stage, we have approximately 2.5 months to go.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Doors done

The remainder of our doors and our spa bath was delivered yesterday (1 day late) and today the carpenters kept working until the remaining doors, architraves and skirting was completed.
They did a great job too. 99.9% of the joins had minimal gapage.

The only bit which hasnt been done is one of the side lights on the front door.

I think the wet area tiling will be next as well as delivery of our kithcen and bathroom cupboards.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Doors, arcitraves & skirting

The carpenters were back at it today and did some more work on the doors and architraves and have also started the skirting. They tacked on the skirting in all the living areas, ready for our bamboo flooring later on.
Tomorrow we are expecting delivery of the other 10 cupboard doors and the other front sidelight and the carpenters will be back on Monday to finish them off.

Bedrooms doors:

Home theater doors:

Skirting in master bedroom:

Skirting tacked on in living room: