Friday, 23 November 2012

Slow week

We had a bit of a slow week this week. After the rain, hail and storms we had last week, I noticed water entering the house from where the stink pipes protrude from the roof as they hadnt been sealed up yet.
I informed our SS on Monday morning and the plumbers came and fixed it immediately which was good.

Nothing on Tuesday and Wednesday we had a bob cat and tipper truck clear and remove the rubble (mainly roof tiles, bricks & Gyprock) from the site.

Nothing Thursday and today the plasterers made a start. It was interesting to see them in action as they use stilts to walk around so they can reach the ceiling easily. It was slightly amusing to see both blokes on their stilts with their boots, boardies and wife beaters on. Most occa looking clowns Ive ever seen. lol.
They left a lot of their gear here so hopefully we might see them back tomorrow, if not Monday. I still think we will be at lock-up by the end of this month

Our kitchen wasnt delivered but I found out that its been manufactured and is waiting for our SS to release it for delivery so its probably a couple of weeks off yet.

We also had an issue with our front door selection. As we fall under a BAL29 for our bush fire rating, the front door we had chosen couldnt be supplied with the 5mm toughened glazing, as opposed to the 5mm standard, mainly due to the curvature of the glass.
Our sales consultant informed us that we would need to change our front door selection, which was disappointing as we had our heart set on our front door which was to match our internal doors so we would have to change them aswell
I checked through the door options and I simply dont like any of the other choices so I thought Id give the fire inspector a call and see what other options we have.
It turns out, as we are getting a security door installed aswell, we can change the standard mesh to the Crimsafe or Invisgard mesh and then get the fire inspector back to approve it later. (at a cost).
The only downside is Masterton dont supply the crimsafe/Invisigard mesh with their security doors so we will have to delete the front screen door from our job and source our own after handover and then get the fire inspector in to approve it.
So we get to keep our favourite door after all :)

Friday, 16 November 2012

Gyprocking finished

The Gyprockers were back today and they installed all the ceilings. Next stage is plastering and cornices and a litlle birdy told me that our kitchen should be here this coming Tuesday.
Cant wait to see the 40mm Starlight Black stone benchtops.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

More Gyprocking

The Gyprockers were back today and have pretty much completed the walls and have started on the ceilings. The alfresco ceiling was done and then it was knock off time.


Great Room:

Ensuite Niche:
 Bathroom with niche:


Gyprock started

The Gyprock was started yesterday and the roof safety rail was removed.
The rooms seem to be bigger with the Gyrprock installed. I actually thought they would seem smaller.

Heres some pics:

 Front entry hallway:

 From dining towards kitchen:

 From kitchen towards laundry:

From kitchen towards home theater:

 From Alfesco towards kitchen/front hallway:

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Eaves & Insulation

Today we had our eaves installed and exterior wall and the soundscreen acoustic insulation installed. The ceiling insulation is about 15% done too.
We also had the Gyprock, Villaboard, Firestop sheets and cornices delivered.
I spoke to our SS this afternoon and he said the Gyprockers will be in tomorrow to hang the gyprock which should take a few days. Then some others will be in le bit after that to set and finish it off.
I asked him if he thinks we'll be finished by xmas and he reckons not :(     oh well......

Monday, 12 November 2012

Lots going on

Since my last post, we have had a few different things go on.
The bricks have been cleaned. The roof ridge caps were cemented in.
Weve now got electrical cables, aswell as phone, data and tv cables.
The Air Con unit in the roof cavity, as well as the ducting has been installed.
Today we had the carpenters back who removed the bracing, did a frame tidy up and also installed the 2 sliding door cavities, as well as the 2 bases for the vanities in the bathroom and ensuite.
We also had the insulation delivered.
Tomorrow will see the eaves go on aswell as the insulation. Hopefully we might see delivery of the Gyprock  tomorrow and then some Gyprock started on Wednesday.

Air con unit in roof:

Bathroom vanity base:

Ensuite cavity for sliding door & vanity base:

Kitchen-Laundry cavity for sliding door:

Soundscreen acoustic insulation batts:

Wall & ceiling insulation batts:

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Roof tiles nearly done.

Our roof tiles are about 90% done. I spoke to our SS yesterday and he gave me a rundown of what to expect over the next few weeks:

Monday 05/11 - Bricks getting cleaned.
Tuesday 06/11 - Roof Ridge caps cemented in, safety rail removed & roof tiles completed.
Wednesday 07/11 - Friday 09/11 - Frame tidy up for plastering, Electrical wiring, sentinal, air con & eaves installed.

Then the following week will be insulation and plastering which should fill up around 2 weeks.
We should be at lock up stage by the end of this month.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Roof tiles started.

The roof tiles were started today. They got about 60-70% done.
Really happy with the colour. I think it compliments the rest of the colours we have chosen
Hoping to see it completed tomorrow.