Friday, 16 November 2012

Gyprocking finished

The Gyprockers were back today and they installed all the ceilings. Next stage is plastering and cornices and a litlle birdy told me that our kitchen should be here this coming Tuesday.
Cant wait to see the 40mm Starlight Black stone benchtops.


  1. Sure is fast work. Looks like it will be close to finish by the time I come down to see you all.

  2. They are hooking in but I dont think it will be finished by Christmas. I asked the Site Supervisor and he reckons it wont be ready unfortunately.
    By the time you come down we should be at lock up stage and you might get to see the kitchen installed and some tiling in the bathrooms and laundry.
    The builders shut down for around 4 weeks over xmas so we probably wont get the keys untill mid-late February. oh well. Weve waited for years to get to this stage so whats a few more months. :)