Thursday, 31 January 2013

Paint dilemma - sorted.

How good is this..... the painters arrived about half an hour ago and have already painted the ensuite and bathroom in white.
I had a chat with the painter and he made the point of when having white wall tiles with white walls, how the wall tiles dont stand out that much.
When seeing the white walls and how the wall tiles have no definition, I totally agree so we have decided to stick with the cream colour.
What a champ though. Painting the 2 rooms in white so I can visually see the difference.
Added bonus, we get another layer of paint in the wet areas.... :o)

As for progress, the doors have all been undercoated and they have started cutting in around the cornices.
The painters should be finished Tuesday and then we'll have the sparky, plumbers and the chippies in to do the door handles.


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