Friday, 1 March 2013

Appliances installed

We had our Dishwasher, Stove and range-hood installed today as-well as the gas hot water controllers.
Masterton have now finished everything and all that is left is the 90 day maintenance follow-up.


  1. We came across your great blog and have seen the marvellous progress that you have made on the house. As roofing contractors in Torquay, South Devon we're interested in the roofing materials that you used and how these differ in Australia to the UK.

  2. Love your blog, we are just in the process of signing off on our plans with M, and are quite happy with things so far, we are building the Santorini mk2. Interestingly enough our current dilemma is do we go for a range oven or a wall mounted oven, what brand are they offering? Are you happy with your choice? It looks good and certainly if that's anything to go by you made grat choices. If we go for te range then I will end up with more drawers ie 2 sets of three instead of 1 set of three 900 sets, just wondering how much extra it will cost.....