Thursday, 22 March 2012


The Masterton promo at the time was if we chose the Fully Ducted A/C and the Mansion package, then we would be eligible for the free alfresco with a slab.
We ended up upgrading to the Platinum package as we felt we would have wanted a lot of the upgraded items from this package any way.

Heres what else we opted for:

Large single garage door in lieu of 2x  small garage doors with a pillar in the middle. We can only really see ourselves using the double garage for 1 car and have plenty of room to walk around the car. Hence the large single garage door.

6 stacker Alfresco doors. we plan on putting our Pool table in the great room and we like the idea of completely opening up the stacker doors to the alfresco.

Enviroseal wrap - helps insulate and provides a 4 week reduction period to length of the build - More Info

2740mm high ceilings and 2340mm high doors throughout.

Home Theater option.

2x colour matched whirly birds to vent roof cavity.

Recess nook/niche for ensuite and main bathroom (450mm x 450mm)


Cold water point to fridge space for ice maker.

Third coat of paint. As opposed to the standard 1 coat of undercoat and 1 coat of main coat.

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