Friday, 6 April 2012

In the meantime....

Hi all.

Not a lot to report lately. Its been all quiet on the southern front :)

Have been in communication with the sales office in Batemans Bay and apparently the plans are just going into drafting (approx. 3 weeks after the plan prep fee was paid.)

I have clearly specified all the changes we require to the plans so fingers crossed, they will have it all sorted and we receive these changes included in the first draft. However, after researching other peoples experiences, I think not. But heres hoping.

We had the contour survey done about 1 week ago now. The guy doing it was a nice bloke. Traveled all the way down south to us from Nowra (around 2.5-3 hrs). He told me to expect the peg-out within the next week or two. Will be good to finally see Masterton stick something in the ground.

Also, our Basix checklist with external colours has been completed, along with the 149 planning certificate for council. So thats 2 small steps forward on councils long, steep and windy paper highway.

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