Wednesday, 18 April 2012

First Drawn Plans Received

Finally got our plans today. They are mostly good with only a few things left out which I will get on to straight away.
Its good to finally see our idea on paper at least.

Plans can be viewed here -


  1. Hi ,
    I love this house design! It is exactly how we would like to modify the Sirocco 7.
    We are going to build soon at Broulee and stumbled upon your blog....
    before we go to Masterton, I was hoping you could give us a ball park figure of what this will end up costing you ?

    1. Hi Justine,

      Id be happy to share some info with you.
      Basically, the total price is approx. $298,000

      We have opted for many extras though, such as 2740mm ceilings, platinum package, extended garage, altered alfresco doors, 5th bedroom/study option, rear garage door + more.
      Also, we are in a BAL 29 which jumped the costs up by around $12,000
      Heres a good source for info regarding other people using Masterton -
      Its good to see someone nearby building with masterton. Once we get the ball rolling, Id be happy to give you a look through the house if you want.

      I take it you've checked out the Sirocco 7 display home in Batemans Bay?