Saturday, 1 December 2012

Plaster, tiles and doors

This week saw the plastering completed and about 90% of the cornices finished.
Apparently they left the cornices off in the kitchen, bathroom and ensuite due to the bulkhead in the kitchen and the tile sections that are going to the ceiling height in the bathroom and ensuite.

Thursday we had our laundry, bathroom and ensuite tiles delivered.

Yesterday we had our external and internal doors delivered as well as the timber/MDF for the door frames and architraves.

I spoke to our SS yesterday and he said the carpenters will be in Monday to install the doors and architraves which will take us to lock-up stage. Also our tiles will be installed next week and we might get the kitchen delivered as-well.
Looking forward to next weeks progress.

Cornices - New York profile:

Laundry, Kitchen and Ensuite floor & wall tiles:

Main bathroom waterproofed:

Home theater doors:

Front door:

Internal doors:

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