Monday, 3 December 2012

Lock up stage.....sort of.

We had the carpenters here today to install our doors. They were here at about 8:30am so I thought beauty, most of the doors and architraves should be done today, however, 3 hours later the carpenters had packed up and had left. They only installed 3 doors and some architraves. Sure enough, the doors installed were the Laundry door, the internal access door from Garage to Laundry and the front door.
So according to this, we are at lock up stage and we are now locked out. Mind you, only one of these doors has a lock and handle on it. The other 2 are boarded shut from the inside.
Seems like Masterton want there lock-up stage progress payment which will mean Ive paid 90% of the total build and we are only really at the half way mark.

We also had the sand and cement delivered today for the floor tile bases.

Front door:

Internal access door with architraves:

Laundry/back door:

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