Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Air Con Consultation

I had our Air Conditioning consultation today. I did it over the phone with the sales rep from Harvey Norman. Top bloke to deal with. Straight down the line and very informative.

As it happens, the standard system that comes with our package from Masterton is the Temperzone 13.5kw ducted system with 2 zones as standard. To run this system with our size house, it will be working very hard to keep up.
Even though Im more interested in a system for heating, as opposed to cooling, (it doesnt get that hot here through summer), it is advisable for us to upgrade to a more powerful system so it isnt working so hard, therefor cutting down on energy consumption and costs.

We have decided to stick with Temperzone and have gone for the 18kw 3 phase premium system + 1 extra Zone. This will require 3 phase power which shouldnt be a problem and the total cost for the upgrade + the extra Zone will come in at around $1800 - $1900. (Not including the 3 phase power which will be priced at our electrical appointment).

Constant - Living/Dining & Kitchen.
Zone 1 - Great Room & Home Theater
Zone 2 - BedRoom 1 & Study
Zone 3 - Bedrooms 2, 3 &4

Info on the Temperzone ducted systems - http://www.temperzone.com.au/ducted-air-conditioning-systems.aspx

We also opted for the round vents as opposed to the square type. Aesthetically, I think they look better and should be easier to clean.

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