Thursday, 7 June 2012

OSMS for the CDC

Was informed today that our OSMS application has been approved and also that masterton will have the CDC ready to go by early next week.
Im quite pleased with how swiftly the local council processed the application. There was a couple of hurdles to jump over but it all worked out ok.
If it all goes well, we should have our CDC within 3 weeks.


  1. Nice to read about it. Great to see council processed it so quickly.

  2. They nearly didnt. It came to a point where council were saying we didnt qualify for a CDC and had to go with a DA. I told my certifier about this and he went into bat for me, armed with all the relevant info and sure enough, council changed their minds.
    I think council just wanted to get the $$ out of me instead of paying the certifier. If you can, certifiers are the way to go. The guy Ive been using is great and I will easily recommend him to anyone in our region.