Saturday, 16 June 2012

Wet area tiles & Flooring selection day

We had our tiles selections today with Dons tiles at Mitchell in Canberra. We were quite happy with the choice we had available to us. We were basically told that anything with a red label is from the standard range and can be mixed and matched at no extra cost.
Anything with a blue label  was an upgrade and can also be mixed and matched, but at an extra cost.

The tiles selected are for the Bathroom, En-suite and Laundry floors and walls.

We went in with an idea of what we wanted but after checking the available selection, we decided to do each of these rooms differently to each other as we found 3 styles we liked.
We are very happy with our choices too :)

Here's what we decided for the en-suite:
Floor tiles - Tidal Nero (300mm x 300mm) - grey grout.(Hard to make out but its a dark grey)
Wall tiles - Whisper white (300mm x 400mm) - laid vertically.
Feature Tile strip - Whisper white 1 - (300mm x 80mm) - laid horizontally at 2m high in shower and horizontally at 1.2m high around the rest of the room.
Feature Tile x2 - Whisper white 2 - (300mm x 400mm) - 1 laid under external window, 1 laid on wall with tiles to the ceiling, in the same row under the Feature tile strip.
White grout to all wall tiles.
Square chrome edge trim around shower Niche.

Here's what we decided for the main bathroom:

Floor tiles - Tidal Nero (300mm x 300mm) - grey grout. (same as En-suite)

Wall tiles - Classico white (300mm x 450mm) - laid vertically.
Feature Tile strip - Cristallo Nero (50mm) - laid vertically off center in shower wall with tiles to the ceiling. (Opposite taps).

White grout to all wall tiles.
Square chrome edge trim on Bath and around shower Niche.

Here's what we decided for the Laundry:
Floor tiles - Siloc 23 (200mm x 200mm) - grey grout. (Dark Blue).
Wall tiles -  WG23 (200mm x 300mm) - 1 row laid vertically above floor edge. (White).
Splashback - WG23 (200mm x 300mm) - 1 row laid vertically around laundry sink. (White).
Feature tile strip - WG23 POL (60mm x 200mm) - laid as a border above splashback tiles.
White grout to all wall tiles.

Here's what we decided for the front door entry Threshold:

Floor tiles - Paso Black (300mm x 600mm)

All up, the extra costs to upgraded the tiles in the en-suite, add extra feature tiles plus all the chrome stripping came to $440.00

I also thought that while we were there, I may as well get a quote for tiles to the Alfresco. We requested a quote using the same tiles as the front door threshold (above) and it came to $7,800.00
I think we will wait until sometime in the future to do this. The concrete will have to do for a while and I should be able to eventually organise to get this done for a better price.

We also checked out our flooring options today.
On the way to Canberra, we stopped at Carpet Court in Batemans Bay and they had all the carpets we liked in their range so we have decided to go with this option after handover.
I Will post our carpet choices shortly too.

We decided to get our Bamboo flooring done with Accent floors as this can be worked in with Masterton and will be ready to go after handover.
We have decided on Topdeck Strand Woven Bamboo flooring in Coffee colour. Total price is $10,230.00 fully laid with under-felt. The total area covered is close to 100sqm. This will cover the front entry/hallway, living/dining, kitchen, great room and hallway.
The coffee is a really nice colour and Im glad we have opted to get this as it looks a lot warmer and nicer than tiles and isnt much more in cost.


  1. Hi Sirocco,

    Nice flooring choices!

    Just a question, you mentioned you're doing the bamboo after handover with Accent (Masterton's supplier). I thought Accent were contracted with Masterton and had to be done within the contract? Did you also get a quote if you went through Masterton prior to handover? Was there a major price difference?


  2. Hi Leo,

    Thanks for checking my blog out.

    I may have typed it wrong but Accent are actually coming in while Masterton still have the site. The cost was added to our tender price with Masterton.
    I actually checked the pricing with another floor layer (carpet court) prior to getting it done with Accent/Masterton and there was only about $100 difference, favoring carpet court.

    are you building with masterton? If so, what design?


  3. Thanks for the info Paul! Looks like everything's coming along well for you. I've been catching up on the homeone forum. I haven't posted anything yet as I'm still in the early stages. We're planning to build a Symphony with a split (minor one only). We're still waiting for the contour survey and plans to be drawn. Hopefully will come back soon. We're also thinking of bamboo and have allocated $10k provisional. So it's good to see that there wasn't too much of a difference before and after handover. Goodluck with the rest of your build! Will keep an eye out for more updates.

  4. No probs.
    I hope all goes fast and well with your build project.
    would love to see you post on the H1 forum (the more the merrier).


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