Saturday, 1 September 2012

Collection Wells - Stage 2

Unfortunately I didnt get a chance to post our update yesterday. Everything has been hectic lately. Between juggling the building project, running and keeping up with my business, trying to keep the family happy, and after digging heaps of soil and moving concrete all day, I took the afternoon off, had a couple of beers and a few games of pool with my mates. So I intentionally ignored the computer for a while.

Anyway, Yesterday morning (31.08.12) our Collection Wells were delivered and craned into the hole ok.
After a fair bit of digging I managed to find our septic outlet, ready to 'tap' a pipe to the new collection wells which will be done early-to-mid this coming week.

Also, as a safe gaurd, we 3/4 filled the new collection wells with water and had 2 loads of concrete poured externally around the tanks, in the base of the hole. The concrete filled up approx 400-500mm from the base of the tanks, which should make for a good anchor and stop the tanks from 'floating' or 'bobbing up' if too much rain/water was to enter the excavated hole.
 This has been known to happen and can be a very annoying and costly exercise to rectify.

We also back-filled around the new tanks which used up a good portion of the red-clay fill that I had left over.
Today (01.06.12) will be taken up with moving our huge mound of top soil to my mates place, storing it until we are ready to use it for landscaping later on.
Doing this will open up the area where I need to dig a trench to connect the septic to the collection wells and also to re-route our storm-water overflow and once done, we should be sorted out and back on track with Masterton.

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