Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Collection Wells - Stage 3

Back into it today. We got the left over clay fill moved from out the front as-well as a couple more loads of clay/soil which has opened up the area a fair bit and exposed our septic tank.
We also dug a trench from the septic tank to the collection wells, ready to be plumbed in tomorrow morning.

We also bored deeper into the peer holes and managed to get a solid wall and no water/gravel filling/collapsing in.
Looks like the 4 problem peering holes can now be filled with concrete and we can get back on track.
If we are lucky, we might hopefully see the holes filled in this week and the form-work completed, ready for a pour early next week. That would be ideal and would mean a total set-back of only 1 week.

Edit: I spoke too soon :(
Just went and checked the holes and 2 are good but 2 are still taking on water.
This is getting frustrating.

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