Friday, 14 September 2012

We have a slab!

Our slab was poured yesterday. The concretors started at around 6:30am and the slab was poured by 10:30am. Just as they finished pouring it started raining which delayed the finishing off by about an hour. The concretors did a great job and were super fast and efficient without affecting quality.

We also counted 9 truckloads of concrete at around 50 cubic metres!

Pics from yesterday:

Pics from today:


  1. Looks great. Congratulations! That's the worst of it over with. The rest should all start to happen very quickly now. Fingers crossed.X

  2. Thats it. It should be full steam ahead now. Only down side is they have forecast rain for the next 7-10 days :(
    It hasnt rained here for around 4-5 weeks (Apart from the shower the other day when we poured the slab). Oh well. I think we'll be pushing to be in by xmas. Probably around Australia day at this stage.