Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Air con installed

The brickies came back yesterday to repair the brickwork under the hot water system. Once the mortar dries up and the bricks are cleaned again, you shouldnt be able to notice the difference.

We also had the cleaner in yesterday to do a quick clean. I think this is to help prep for the flooring which is being layed tomorrow.
And today we had our air con installed.

Im hoping to see the skirting tacked back on this week and next week we should see the kitchen splashback installed aswell as the gas hotwater system controll pads, window and door screens and the final touch ups done on the paint-work followed by a full clean.
If this goes well, the following week we should be ready to get the keys and then the sparky will come back and install the oven, rangehood and dishwasher.

Its so close I can taste it :)


  1. I'm glad to hear that you had the AC installed early this year. When summertime comes, you would never feel helpless against the heat. Isn't the external part of the unit receiving a little too much sunlight though? Or was it just on that picture? It is important to consider the direction of the light when installing the AC, as the more light it receives, the harder it is for the machine to perform fully. Harris Aire Serv

  2. Hooray for the new aircon! It’s been a year now, and I hope you’re not experiencing problems with your AC. Just in case, I suggest you keep the manual so when your AC starts acting up, you'll have your source in troubleshooting the unit. I say this because others tend to throw away the manual together with the box. Hope you’re enjoying the cool breeze from your AC. How are you now? :)

    Dennis Day

  3. What a cute aircon unit! I’m sure you’ve been enjoying the cool temperature that it gives you from the day it was installed until today. Hope you haven't dealt with another AC problem yet. How are you now?

    Kelvin Dawson