Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Bamboo flooring installed

Our Bamboo flooring was installed today and it looks amazing.

I also spoke to our SS and we are booked in for our PCI next Wednesday the 20th of February.


  1. Hi,
    What type and colour are your bamboo floors? They look amazing!!

  2. Thanks very much. The brand is Topdeck and it is a Strand Woven Bamboo flooring in Coffee colour.
    Heres the website but the coffee colour shown here doesnt look the same as in real life -
    We purchased through Accent carpets and it was laid and ready to walk on in around 5-6 hours. :)

  3. Its like wood i have not recognize it as bamboo base on the looks

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  4. These bamboo flooring looks awesome and certainly do not have a difference on hardwood flooring!