Wednesday, 8 August 2012

10 down - 10 to go! Seems like forever!

At close of business today, we reached the halfway mark for our 20 working day construction commencement countdown.
We havent received any form of correspondence from M either.
I took the liberty of calling them today and they confirmed that there has been no action thus far.
Our Site Supervisor (SS) or Construction Coordinator (CC) hasn't been allocated as yet so I am unable to contact either of them directly, to find out what is going on.

Mind you, I did email our Pre-Construction coordinator about 1 week ago and she stated the following:

Your file is now in the planning phase, where Masterton Homes is to be onsite within 20 working days of my release to construction on 26/7/12. Currently your file is with our Estimators who are raising all the orders for every item in your home, to be sent to the suppliers. This is the biggest part of this planning phase.
Then your orders & plans will be issued to all trades & suppliers. Council & the Certifier will be advised that we are coming onsite. Then finally your file will move to the Construction Department, where you job will be logged in & your Site Supervisor & Construction Coordinator will be named. The Coordinator will issue you a "Welcome Letter" providing their Names & Contact details & a set of the plans.
So at this time, the Supervisor is yet to be named, so I cannot advise you any further.

So at this stage there's not much to report but hopefully we will see some action very shortly and at the latest, M have to start on the block by the 22nd of August.

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