Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Issues raised (already)

I got a call from the SS's associate who is dealing with our job later this afternoon. He actually came to the block today while I was out.

Bad news is our current services to the cabin (power/water/phone) are running right where the ground will need to be scraped and cut.
Ive been on the phone with a couple of mates who are both sparkies and plumbers to see if we can get them moved before the end of this week so as to not delay the site scrape which is booked in for next week.

I wish I had known this sooner as Ive been sitting around scratching my head wondering what else I could do over the last 3 weeks and I would have had this well and truly sorted out by now.

It never ends............


  1. Infuriating Paul. Hopefully you can get the services relocated without delay. At least there appears to be some movement from Masterton at long last!

  2. Yeah, I'll try and sort this out as fast as possible. Its just one of those unforeseen things. On the brighter side, we will have new water pipes and 3 phase cabling installed.
    We have actually got a guy here right now installing the sediment control fence. So technically, Masterton have made a start.

    Thanks for joining the blog. :)