Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Services laid

All our services were laid today.
- 3 phase power to the new house. (meter and cabling set-up for temporary/permanent)
- Single phase power to the cabin.
- New water line to the cabin with a capped T peice/line in for the new house.
- New phone line to the cabin with a loop, joined at the new house.

As I had to arrange and pay for the 3 phase cabling and 3 phase meter myself, I should be able to get a credit back from our tender price with Masterton.

Also, our SS arrived today to check it all out and he told me that we are booked in for piering and formwork next Tuesday and ground plumbing on Wednesday. The temp fence is also due to arrive any day now.

Site scrape is still booked in for this Saturday. Will update soon.

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