Thursday, 16 August 2012

Theres movement as the station......

We finally had a start today. We had our sediment control fence and trade waste area installed.
Now I just need to sort the relocating of the services issue out so as to not delay the scrape next week. I suppose we should see our loo and temp fence shortly too.

Im so stoked to see something finally happen, even as small as it is. Its a great feeling especially after the long drawn out construction countdown. Thats been the hardest part, for me anyway.

Sediment control fence:

And again but closer:

Trade waste section:


  1. Great news Paul! Felicitations! The site seems relatively level. Falls away a bit to the rear and to the NE, I know. Is much excavation required for the footings? Trade refuse area might be in for some early "work". Fantastic to see some action at long last. Looking forward to checking out progress next week. A bientot.

  2. Thanks.
    We will require aprrox. 600mm cut on the front to SW side and approx 300mm fill on the rear to NE side. Ive managed to organise the service issue to be sorted by this Wednesday (touch wood) and we are booked in for a site scrape on Thursday.
    Hopefully you should see a nice level pad when you arrive :)