Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Busy day - Contracts signed

Had a busy day today. We got our second quote in for our collection  wells. Around $1K cheaper than the first quote. This is also from the same mob we got our water tanks for the cabin from. I also got a quote for the 10,000L tank and pump we will require for our house and was also impressed with the price.
Think I will stick with these guys.- www.rainking.com.au

We also had our sewage report completed so have signed this off and will submit this with the application to install / alter a on-site sewage management system (OSMS) to council tomorrow, along with their huge $930 fee for the application and the 6 required inspections.
From here, all we can do is wait for council to process this so it could be anywhere from 2-6 weeks!!
I'm kicking my self that I didn't do it as soon as I signed off on the plans nearly 3 weeks ago as it probably would have processed by now.
Once this is done we will go through CDC. Im confident that this will be a fast process as Im sure everything has been covered.

On a side note, we received our contracts today and have signed them and will post them back to Sydney tomorrow. Will probably also be paying the 5% deposit over the next few days.
We are now locked in to this so I hope it all goes quickly and  smoothly. Its been slow going up to date as it has been 4 months now since we first had Masterton initially check our site.

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