Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Slow progress - Curtains purchased.

Not a whole lot to report lately. We are still waiting on the redraw of the plans. Its been 2 weeks since we received the first draft and Its now been 7 weeks since the plan prep fee was paid.

As we all know the carbon tax is coming in around July so from going by the past, with any tax enforced on the people by our beloved govt, you can bet your bottom dollar that everything will jump in price.
Because of this Ive decided to prematurely start to gather things we will need for the house after handover.
I found a good deal on curtains today and managed to get all windows, minus the Home Theater, Bathroom, Ensuite and Kitchen covered (literally).
We will most likely get blinds for the Home Theater, Bathroom, Ensuite and Kitchen.

The total price was $950 delivered from a Ebay seller in Melbourne (They knocked around $170 off the price as I opted to not go through ebay). This includes stainless steel rods to all the rooms except the larger Alfresco windows which I will source elsewhere.
The curtains are all 100% blockout and are all black in colour. We couldnt decide on different colours for the different rooms so, as black seems to me to be a colour that neutrally mixes with other colours, then hopefully this will match the Quantum Qaurtz, Starlight Black stone bench tops and gloss black cupboards as well as the rest of our furniture/decor and also the black aluminium window frames.
We are after a contemporary look and would like a break from the light coloured walls, tiles and carpets we will be choosing. I also think black looks classy if mixed well.

If it doesnt suit, we can always change to other colours later on down the track.

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