Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Mirrored Splashback & Tiles & Curtains

Got an email from our M sales office yesterday. She confirmed that we can choose the mirrored splashback if we like but apparently it is costly. Heres hoping its not too much as this would be the best and nicest option for us.
For our colour selections, we have been advised to go to Sydney and spend a couple of days looking over the showrooms and displays etc.... but after checking out the range at the Batemans Bay display center, Id be happy to make do with whats in front of me and avoid Sydney all-together.
After also talking with the same sales person previously, we were told that we'd have to go to Dons tiles in Sydney to pick out our tiles as M in Batemans Bay doesnt have anything on display.
Im not too keen on this as I find it hard to get time off as it is, let alone to go to Sydney to select tiles.
I took the liberty of emailing Dons tiles and asked if they had samples or catalogues but unfortunately they dont. However, Dons tiles will be opening up a showroom in Canberra mid June so this is a 1 day trip up and back for us, which is way more convenient.

Also received the curtains on monday. They look good and are well made. Also found the required rods for the Alfresco door which cost another $110.00
All thats left for the windows now is to get some blinds for the ensuite, bathroom, kitchen and 2x home theatre windows.
Will probably go wooden blinds and get them made to suit after we get the keys. They aren't too hard to install, so will do these myself to save on costs.

Hopefully we will be signing the HIA contract by the end of this week. Then we will be given a time-line which will also be great. When looking at a lot of other people building single story houses with M, it looks like it should take around 4-6 months. If this is the case, we may be in our new home by Christmas (fingers crossed). :)

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