Thursday, 10 May 2012

Plans signed off - Hidden bonuses

We just got back from our local sales office and have now signed off the plans so they are practically ready for CDC.
Had a great chat with the colour consultant too which was fantastic. We came home with a truckload of brochures and reading material. This will make the final colour choice day a lot faster as I will go in armed knowing exactly what we want.

I also found out that with the platinum package, the standard paint is 3 coats (1 undercoat and 2 colour coat), as opposed to the normal 1 coat of undercoat and 1 of colour coat.
We were going to pay $2K to do the extra coat but looks like we will now upgrade our kitchens stone benchtops to 40mm QQ starlight black and the ensuite/bathroom stone tops to Starlight white instead. The platinum package is the way to go. You can basically choose anything you want, without any limitations.
Another bonus is the kitchen layout. It actually changes when you select the Platinum package. We now have pot drawers on either side of the oven and better overhead cupboards and also bulkheads which are all part of the platinum package.

Only downside is looks like we may have to travel to Sydney just to do our wet area floor tiles selection as its through Dons tiles.
Not too keen to do this so will hopefully try and find a way to not have to.

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  1. Hi,
    Just wonder how much did you pay for platinum package?