Saturday, 26 May 2012

sewage system

Wow, just found out that we need to install a 15,000L pump out On-site Sewage Management System (OSMS). So we will require 2x 7500L collection wells. The reason for the size is because the house is classed as 5 bedroom with the Study included, and because of the 2 bedroom cabin. I dont understand this because the cabin is using a waterless composting toilet system. No solids are going into the system, only liquids and grey water. Oh well, at least if we eventually decide to go with a flush toilet in the cabin, the system should be future proof. Also, having such a large system and only a small family, the pump outs required will be fewer and further between.
I actually didnt realise that I would have to organise al this with council before applying for a CDC. Had I known this, I would have gotten the engineer to draw this up and submit the OSMS application weeks ago.
This will most likely delay our CDC application  by a few weeks now. :(

On a side note, I received a call on Thursday from the sales office and was told to expect a call from the Masterton pre-contract coordinator very shortly.


  1. Well, that sucks! There is always something to do at the 11th hour LOL.

    1. Hey Vatche, Thanks for following my blog.
      I Just found out that there will be more costs too.
      So far Im looking at around $450 to get an engineer to asses, draw up plans and lodge the OSMS application.
      Also, a council fee of $270 for the application + $650 for the required council inspections at different stages of the build.
      I was hoping this might have been covered and dealt with by M in the quoted price. If so, I will have to negotiate these costs from my tender price. Will update shortly.